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Welcome to Central Academy, where our commitment extends beyond academic excellence to the holistic development of our students. Our mission is to provide a platform and environment for our students to become the leaders of tomorrow — lifelong learners and problem solvers equipped to work independently and collaboratively

We aim to cultivate individuals who are worldly, creative, and rooted in their community, while also instilling moral courage, integrity, self-respect, and empathy toward mankind, animals, and nature.

Mrs. Preeti Kothari
Mrs. Preeti Kothari
Meet Our Principal
Mrs. Preeti Kothari

School is the nucleus of learning and epicenter for the development of any society or nation. Prof. Amartya Sen, the economist and Nobel laureate considers education as one of the most fundamental elements to build the nation, to create a more equitable society, and to improve overall quality of life.

School education in the twenty-first century needs to be revisited to meet the requirements of holistic approach to establish a dialogue between the past, the present and the future; to create equitable society; and to manifest the perfection already in man. Both education and learners’ abilities are ever developing and not static.

Learning in an individual way, learning out of interest, learning social skills, developing integration skills in cooperative learning have become important in the modern innovative pedagogy. We aim to foster positive attitudes to learning and we are committed to a process of constant self evaluation in our determination to make our goals realities.

We aspire to enable the students to be more responsive for enriching knowledge and skills in order to compete globally to enable teachers to be creative in imparting instructions and relating to real life problems and prospective trends; to enable parents and community to move up the knowledge-chain.

Being Practical yet empathetic, I aspire to successfully garner the trust and confidence of parents, creating an emotional bond with the young scholars and providing consistent results in not only academics but other various fields of other co-curricular activities for Team-Central Academy.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

—Eleanor Roosevelt

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