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Central Academy, with 50 years of educational expertise, proudly presents our unique 'Application-based Progressive Teaching Methodologies.'


These methods have stood the test of time and are:  

  • Aligned with National Education Policy 2020 

  • Focused on Creative Thinking & Independent Learning Skills 

  • Year-round Parent-Student Engagement 

  • Balanced Academics and Co-curricular Activities 

  • Focused on All-round, Holistic Student Development 


Beyond Classroom, setting us apart in every learning endeavor: 

Strong Roots Program: Building a foundation for a lifetime of learning. 

Experiential Learning: Discovering knowledge through hands-on experiences and project work.


Smart Digital School: Smart Classes, Smart Boards, and an all-in-one App for seamless learning and parental involvement. 

Guidance & Workshops: Identifying and addressing learning gaps, ensuring continuous improvement.


School Clubs: Fostering creativity and collaboration. 

Excursions and Trips: Balancing in-class and outdoor, experiential learning. 

Personality Development: Curriculum designed for holistic development through Storytelling, Public Speaking, and nurturing confident communication. 

A Central Academy Student is:

  • A lifelong learner and problem solver 

  • Equipped to work independently and collaboratively 

  • Worldly, creative, and rooted in the community 

  • Brimming with moral courage, integrity, self-respect, and empathy toward mankind, animals, and nature.  

Our Strengths 

Qualified Teaching Team: Experts who inspire and guide

Progressive Teaching Curriculum: Maximize the comprehension of various subjects through inter-disciplinary learning. 

Inculcating: Life skills , problems solving abilities Spiritual Awareness 

Age wise Nurturing: Social and emotional skills for students to face outer world.

Strong and Supportive Community: Cohesive and well-knit community of ex-students that network regularly and extends guidance to each other.

Holistic Development: Personality Development, Art of Storytelling, Public Speaking Nurturing confident communicators & various other programs. 

Central Academy Students
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