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Ever since its inception, Central Academy has maintained a towering presence, upholding our motto to provide 'Quality and Accessible Education.

The Society, under the able leadership of the visionary Late Pt Triyugi Narain Mishra, established its first branch in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Subsequently, Central Academy Jodhpur was founded in 1978, guided by the dynamic leadership of Late Shri Dinesh Narain Mishra.

Central Academy is proud of its student-led curriculum, which is engaging and carefully crafted to refine the personality of each child. These unique propositions are our endeavors to offer exceptional educational experiences.

Alumni who have graduated from our halls now return as proud parents, seeking to provide the same quality education that they benefitted from as students. Our concerted efforts to reach out to parents ensure that the institution is held in high esteem by the guardians and parents of our students.



 Founder’s Inspiration
Our Founders

In 1977, the late Pt. TN Mishra and the late Shri DN Mishra planted the seeds of empowerment through education. As we reflect on four decades of growth, we deeply honor and appreciate the profound contributions of these two pillars of the CA Family. 


Central Academy has blossomed over the years, much like a sturdy tree with spreading branches. Our institution now touches the lives of many, anchoring future citizens in the profound commitment to nation-building that our Founding Fathers held dear. They envisioned a future where accessible and holistic education would play a pivotal role. 


Our ongoing mission is to enrich the lives of young individuals with values and goodness. We believe that the spirits of our Founding Fathers watch over us from their eternal abode in Heaven, showering their blessings upon our collective efforts.


Together, we strive to carry forward their legacy and fulfil their vision of a better-educated and empowered society. 

Our Founders


Our Chairman, Dr. Sangam Prasad Mishra

Dr. Sangam Prasad Mishra


Central Academy Organisation (India)

As Chairman and Founding Member of Central Academy (India), I am delighted to welcome you to the website of this dynamic institution. We have always placed a great emphasis on the quality of teaching and learning along with the use of highly innovative teaching and delivery methods.

While academic progress is clearly the main purpose of the school, we also encourage all our pupils to develop a wide range of additional interests, so that we provide a very rounded and complete education. Most importantly, this takes place in a friendly and caring environment, and the small sizes of our classes and activity groups mean that all student’s aptitudes are readily identified and developed.

We want your children, our students, to leave Central Academy not only with the best possible academic qualifications and with the key skills essential for success in Higher Education and the world of work, but also with the personal qualities and interests necessary for a happy & fulfilling life and responsible citizenship.

We try and do everything possible for the well-being of our Students, Staff and our Community by providing the best education possible, by the best means, in the best environment...

So, again, welcome to our website.

"May we lead many from darkness to the light."

Unique Educational Offerings

​Central Academy takes pride in its student-led curriculum, a hallmark of our institution.

Our approach is designed not only to educate but also to enhance and refine the personality of each child.

We believe in holistic education that goes beyond academics, fostering the development of well-rounded individuals. 

Our Proud Alumni

One of our proudest achievements is the fact that many of our alumni, who have graduated from our portals, now return as proud parents.

They seek to provide their children with the same quality education and values they once received as students at Central Academy. This is a testament to the enduring impact of our institution. 


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Parent and Guardian 


At Central Academy, we prioritise building a strong partnership with parents and guardians. Our dedicated efforts to engage with parents contribute to upholding the institution in high regard within the entire community.

We firmly believe that collaboration between educators and parents is VITAL for a student's holistic growth and success.

For more information and to explore our academic programs, faculty, facilities, and admission procedures, please feel free to reach out to us via Call, WhatsApp, Chat, or Email to know more. We are here to ensure you receive a nurturing and enriching educational experience.

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