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A well-equipped Library with books on various subjects, encyclopedias and periodicals is available for students of all classes.

Laboratories with all the equipment and amenities are available for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies and Mathematics.

Fully equipped Computer Labs, curriculum supported software, to impart basic to advanced computer education to all students.

Smart Classes with latest educational aids and audio-visual experience for children to better understand the course material.

Medical-Aid Room with necessary supplies for basic health and medical requirements. A routine medical check-up of the pre-primary and primary students is also conducted from time to time by a qualified medical team.

Due care is taken to nurture the special needs of tiny tots. Each campus boasts of its own set of special facilities, like: Separate playground with swings, slides, merry-go-round, jungle-gym, aquariums, splash pools, and sand pits, etc.

Separate Toy and Activity room with audio videos facilities for screening of animation films and other educational videos.


  • ALL visitors/outsiders submit a Government-issued ID, while recording their phone numbers and addresses at the security gate.

  • CCTV cameras covering every nook and corner of the campus, with dedicated to monitoring. 

  • Washrooms, labs, libraries, corridors and play areas are monitored and secured during school hours.

  • No outsiders (including parents/guardians) are allowed access to the classroom/child/children during school hours.

  • Washrooms and classrooms are NOT accessible to any outsiders - for e.g. labourers, drivers, conductors etc.

  • All entry and exit points are staffed and secured.

  • Dispersal process is secured and well managed.

  • Transport is secure and is manned by responsible staff.

  • All campuses have fully stocked and working infirmary, with qualified nurse/trained medical practitioner. 

  • All campuses are fully equipped with Fire Extinguishers and/or Sprinklers. 


Mental Health 

We prioritize the well-being of our students. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals is here to provide confidential counselling and support, ensuring that every student has access to the resources they need to thrive emotionally and academically.

Your mental health matters to us, and we're here to help you succeed. 


We recognize the essential role parents play in their child's educational journey. To ensure your experience with us is smooth and rewarding, we offer a range of parent-centric facilities and services. 

Book Appointments: Use our user-friendly app to schedule appointments, ensuring your valuable time is respected. 

Online Fee Payment: Simplify the fee payment process through our secure online platform, making transactions hassle-free. 

Orientation Sessions: Join informative sessions designed to keep you informed about our educational approach and school policies. 

Your Feedback Matters: Share your valuable feedback with us, helping us continuously improve and meet your expectations. 

Parent-Teacher Meets: Engage in meaningful discussions with teachers to track your child's progress and growth. 

Events and Training:  Participate in workshops, events, and training sessions tailored to your needs as parents, fostering a supportive school community. 



"As a parent, I couldn't be happier with Central Academy. The dedicated teachers, diverse extracurriculars, and safe environment have transformed my child's education. I highly recommend Central Academy for a well-rounded education." 

Manoj Sharma, Parent 


"Central Academy” has been a game-changer for our family. The school's commitment to excellence in education, combined with a nurturing atmosphere, has made a significant impact on our child's growth. We're grateful for the outstanding education and care provided by Central Academy." 

                                          Avinash Goyal, Parent  


"Choosing Central Academy for our child's education was one of the best decisions we ever made. The dedicated staff, engaging curriculum, and diverse extracurricular activities have created a well-rounded learning experience. Central Academy truly sets the standard for quality education."

                                      Yogesh Daga, Parent

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