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We take great pride in our comprehensive infrastructure, meticulously designed to enhance the educational journey. From well-equipped classrooms to advanced laboratories and modern libraries, every aspect is tailored to create an optimal academic environment.

  • Enhanced Learning Environment: Our classrooms boast modern amenities such as smart boards and ample ventilation, fostering curiosity, academic excellence, and a conducive learning atmosphere.

  • Physical & Cultural Development: Students thrive in our expansive playgrounds, basketball court, and auditorium, which promote physical activity, cultural enrichment, and diverse learning experiences.

  • Health and Safety: Our campus features a dedicated medical room staffed by trained professionals, ensuring prompt attention to any health concerns. Manned Entry & Exist Points, Security Systems and fire alarms provide a safe environment, while ample parking facilities offer convenience for parents and visitors.

  • Labs and Technology: Our state-of-the-art laboratories and computer facilities are equipped with the latest technology to enhance learning experiences. High-speed internet, audio-visual rooms, and interactive computer labs facilitate modern teaching methods, empowering students with hands-on experience and digital literacy skills.

List of Facilities

No. of Class Room
No. of Computer Science Lab
No. of Library

General Facilities (Yes/No) 

General Facilities (Yes/No)
Indoor Games
Dance Room
Music Room
Health and Medical Check Up

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