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We at Central Academy have curated a special, foundation curriculum for all grades (I - XII), this is especially designed to support new students who might need additional assistance. This grade appropriate program covers the foundation and important topics of the previous year(s). Focusing on the building blocks of further learning, the Program will smoothen students' transition to a newer setup and filling those learning gaps.

The STRONGROOTS program is aimed at fixing the current problem areas, paying way for better understanding for further studies. 

This will enable students to gain confidence, brush up the previous key topics and transition with confidence with the current grade requirements.


If you're not yet part of the Central Academy family:

Head to our digital registration form to kick-start your child's journey towards learning and beyond. 

For existing Central Academy parents in need of assistance, you can: 

  • Email us at

  • Call our helpline or reach out via WhatsApp at +91 96490 09001 (please try the above options first)

  • Visit the campus between 8 AM - 12 noon on working days

  • Browse our website and blog

  • Or get in touch via our School App - EdPrime

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