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We take great pride in our comprehensive infrastructure, meticulously designed to enhance the educational journey. From well-equipped classrooms to advanced laboratories and modern libraries, every aspect is tailored to create an optimal academic environment.

  • Enhanced Learning Environment: Our classrooms boast modern amenities such as smart boards and ample ventilation, fostering curiosity, academic excellence, and a conducive learning atmosphere.


  • Physical & Cultural Development: Students thrive in our expansive playgrounds, basketball court, and auditorium, which promote physical activity, cultural enrichment, and diverse learning experiences.

  • Health and Safety: Our campus features a dedicated medical room staffed by trained professionals, ensuring prompt attention to any health concerns. Manned Entry & Exist Points, Security Systems and fire alarms provide a safe environment, while ample parking facilities offer convenience for parents and visitors.

  • Labs and Technology: Our state-of-the-art laboratories and computer facilities are equipped with the latest technology to enhance learning experiences. High-speed internet, audio-visual rooms, and interactive computer labs facilitate modern teaching methods, empowering students with hands-on experience and digital literacy skills.

List of Facilities

No. of Class Room
No. of Computer Science Lab
No. of Library
No. of Music Rooms
No. of Dance Rooms
No. of Smart Classes

General Facilities (Yes/No) 

Health and Medical Check Up
Music Room
Dance Room
Indoor Games

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