Online Learning

Online Learning

Central Academy Online Learning Initiative

Welcome to Central Academy Online Learning (CAOL), an innovative way to bring classroom to your home!

SESSION 2020-21

Dear Parents,

In such times of uncertainty, we look forward to your support and active participation in helping your wards, our students, to move forward in their academic journey. 

Central Academy is committed and will do what is required to make the most of these trying times. CAOL is a simple and personalised tool which will benefit our students learning till we are back to normal.

CAOL is a self-learning, teacher supported program. A child is provided with all the learning and engaging material - online videos, work sheets, explainer videos and of course live support and problem solving from the teachers. We have seen amazing participation and learning growth in our students, the reversal of tool has been incredible for the learners and we are happy to be part of their academic journey. 



Supplement classroom learning with video lessons with 2D animations.


Read the chapters from the eBook, watch videos & stimulation, to help bridge the gap between theory and application.


Just note down any doubts that you have. Your teacher shall be in regular touch with you and will assist.


Take chapter-wise tests to know how much how you learnt.


If you are not a Central Academy student, please fill in the registration form to kick start your child's journey towards learning and beyond.

If you are an existing Central Academy Parent and need assistance, you can do one of the following:

Email on
Call helpline number: +91 96490 09001 (please try above options first)

Thank you! 

" Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life "

― Shakuntala Devi