Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

Central Academy Online Learning Initiative

Welcome to Central Academy Hybrid Learning, an innovative way to bring a classroom to your home!

COVID19 taught us to expect the unexpected and be prepared. In such times of uncertainty, Central Academy takes pride in being one of the very first Institutes to embrace 21st Century Learning Technologies to carry on with regular studies, even during lockdowns.

In this time, we have learned a lot and have understood what works and what needs to be better. We are committed towards the wellbeing and learning of our pupils. Through technology we have been able to cater to the personalized needs of each student, and allow self-learning with support during curated classes and assigned timeslots. The ability to transverse between Physical and Online school is the key to success. The option of one of the either, is no longer relevant or apt.  



Supplement classroom learning with video lessons with engaging animations and explainers. 


Read the chapters from the eBook, watch videos & simulation, to help bridge the gap between theory and application.


Ask questions, get personal help during teacher assisted classes, online or offline. Use time to problem solve and seek help, in problem areas. 


Take chapter/Topic wise tests to know how much you learnt and where a child lags. 


If you are not a Central Academy student/parent, head on to the digital registration form to kick start your child's journey towards learning and beyond.

If you are an existing Central Academy Parent and need assistance, you can do one of the following:

Thank you! 

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