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You Are Not Your Circumstances: Train Your Mind to Think Beyond!

(The Author is a Curriculum Guidance Consultant empanelled with the Institute)

On one of his travels aborad, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, whose birth anniversary bis celebrated as Teachers Day, was asked a question by a member in the audience.

” What’s the difference between a Station master and a School master”?

The question was irrelevant and bordering on impertinent, too. However, this brilliant gentleman replied calmly,

” While a Station master minds the train,a school master trains the mind.”

How are we training our minds? Are we bogged down by today’s hopelessness and negatively charged environment? Or are we the kind of person who has trained the mind to say ‘ this too shall pass’?

Let’s learn to look beyond our present situation, no matter how difficult the scenario!

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