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The Teacher Wellness Series Pt II- Platitudes and Promises

(The Author is a Curriculum Guidance Consultant empanelled with the Institute)

(This is the second blog of the 2-part Series commemorating Teachers Day)
Teachers like Subrata Pati mentioned in Pt I of this Blog aren’t an exception; look around with sensitive eyes and you will find countless stories of such unwavering inspiration all around you.
As parents of students, have we done all it takes to develop a sense of respect for teachers in our children?

While the Government seeks to employ more teachers, the pertinent questions we face as part of the school or parent community are:

1.) Will teaching feature on the list of professions that young people seek?

2.) How does passion for teaching die when teachers are actually in a classroom which is demanding of his or her time and attention?

3.) Have we created an environment of mistrust with the Teacher at the centre of the storm?
On Teachers Day, it should be our endeavour this year, in the time of school lockdown, to pause and appreciate the staggering work teachers have done, despite lack of financial support or despite the stress.

A Happy Teachers Day will be possible when we give these countless,faceless,nameless and unsung heroes – a different kind of COVID Hero- their rightful due by respecting their commitment to look after your children, whilst their own family takes a backseat.

Read more about how changes in the education scenario in India mean little for teachers, despite all the platitudes and promises:

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