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(The Author is a Curriculum Guidance Consultant empanelled with the Institute)

Monday mornings all over the world are known for the ‘blues’. Over the years, my understanding is that after a break from routine, Monday has come to represent getting back on the driver’s seat of responsibility.

Teachers and parents push some students harder than the others; recognising potential in your child is one of the biggest challenges yet thrills of teaching and parenting.

What should you do when your child resents you for pushing ‘too hard’?

Sit her down, and make her understand that –
1. Opportunity is given, but initiative has to be taken to work, to train or practise harder. She has to do this by herself.
2. Along with opportunities for winning, comes the ‘mantle of responsibility’. She has to learn to shoulder her end of the deal to work incessantly harder.
Read this article by Master Storyteller & Narrator of Tales Anjali Sharma, to understand more.

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