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Online Education : Need of the Hour



The age-old conundrum of whether ignorance is bliss or should one strive to learn, grow, mature even though one might face obstacles and frustrations in the way has over the ages been proven to weigh in favor of the latter. What distinguishes humans from all the other species on earth is our intelligence and our will to learn and improve ourselves no matter what circumstances or obstacles may come in the way.

The only constant in life is change. And we live in such tumultuous and dynamic times that are changing by the minute. In such situations we must adapt, improvise and excel.

And as we all experiencing the present situation where schools and colleges across the globe have closed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the biggest concerns for teachers is maintaining continuity in student engagement and tracking progress. To overcome this problem, online teaching methods are being used to ensure that students are receiving quality education.

The highlights of the program:

  • How to make online education effective for our children.
  • Ideas and strategies for making online education interactive.
  • Dos and Don’ts of online education.

Take Away from the Webinar:

  • Teachers and Parent collaboration in online education.
  • Better use of technology and how one can make online education as interesting as real class room.
  • Parent’s role in every day learning of their wards.
  • How it will enhance creative teaching as well as student centric approach of teaching.
  • An increase in digital literacy amongst students, teachers and parents, which is required to pave the way for a modern teaching system.

To discuss these methods and strategies, join our webinar ‘Online Education: Need of the Hour’ being conducted by Dr. Nisha Singh, Head of Training, Harbour Press International. 

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