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I recall countless talks in boarding school about morality, character, leadership and selfless service. Every year, we would diligently sit through the VCR screening of The Ten Commandments or Ben Hur. And every year, we would hear the same ‘ lectures’ from our teachers about how leaders are found in unlikely places, and how seemingly insignificant acts of courage can actually have a great impact.

I encourage you to watch the film TOGO, based on a real life incident which took place in 1925, in Alaska. The story’s unlikely heroes are Leonard Seppala, a dogsled guide (musher) and his dog Togo who deliver a serum to prevent a diphtheria outbreak.

It’s interesting how teachers and parents can use films as ‘case studies’ to help children understand valuable lessons in leadership and kindness, bravery and service.

Some questions you and your child or students can collectively find answers to-
1. What would you do in a situation which calls for you to risk something?
2. What qualities make a ‘hero’?
3. What kind of heroic deed would you like to be known for?


Enjoy your week ahead!

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