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I’m Possible- The Story of Nick Vujucic

(The Author is a Curriculum Guidance Consultant empanelled with the Institute)

He was born with a rare disease that left him with no arms or legs. One cannot imagine how Nick is the worldwide sensation that he is today, despite his physical limitations. Wait a minute, if Nick were to hear this, he would correct me and say ‘There are no limits, except the ones that exist in your mind.’

The Pandemic seems to have broken us down- especially financially. This has caused a downward spiral emotionally and physically, too. It’s as if we ‘have no arms and legs’ and are lying face down in the mud, unable to get up.

Nick’s incredible story is for us. If he could get up and get walking- despite no arms and legs- well, we have so much we need to be grateful for!!

Read more and be inspired!


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