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(The Author is a Curriculum Guidance Consultant empanelled with the Institute)

I hadn’t heard about the River Choluteca let alone know of its existence till I read Prakash Iyer, Business Thinker and Leader’s tweet about an article he wrote in the Business World.


The Bridge was first built in the Honduras in 1930 by the US Army’s Corps of Engineers and reconstruction took place in 1996. Cut to 2020. The Bridge stands over DRY LAND. No one could predict nor could anticipate at the time that the River would change course and the problem for which the Bridge was once a soultion- would be rendered useless.

A lot like the COVID19 situation. One moment we think we have it figured out, and the next- our solution is rendered useless by a new problem. As parents, we have to navigate this uncertainty with open minds, and not rush into decision-making for our children based on today’s grim reality. DISRUPTION is the only reality of all ages, and the most important skill- the ability to make new connections when the river shifts and the bridge is on dry land!


You can read more about the River Choluteca and the Bridge on Land and how it has become the World’s favourite metaphor for Disruption-

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